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Life finds Life........
In todays world of fast paced living it is sometimes difficult to find time for yourself and your health. With Fitness Unlimited by Design and your desire to be healthy and fit, I know my classes will introduce greater strength and flexibility that your body will love and you will love going to. 
Flex-It is a  strength and flexibility class,
that is how I would
describe my classes. Feeling fit is for everyone, men and women. As we get older our flexibility becomes less and these stretches help us stay limber, agile and strong. It helps immensely with our posture and alignment of the spine. If you are playing any sport, you will excel more than you could imagine. My classes also are strength building.  Core strength, arms, upper body and legs. We hit them all. Go at your own pace and feel the anti-aging begin immediately.                                                      
Once you get moving you will start to create more energy and it will be effortless to keep it going. What we do on a regular basis is so much more important than what we do once in a while. 
So let's flex, get stronger and eat nutritious, healthy foods, laugh and enjoy a peaceful happy life. See you at my classes, I can't wait to meet you!                                  
                             Sincerely.......Susie Salvetti
Fitour Certified Group Fitness Instructor
 Health Motivator
Your food should be your medicine and your medicine should be your food....Hippocrates
Energy creates energy..........Sarah Bernhardt
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East Village, NY                         
Bucky having a bad day..........
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